Refax, Inc. has been an industry leader in the fabricating of steel components since August of 1983! Whether you need burning, rolling, forming or machining, we offer our customers unmatched service and quality at competitive prices. To learn more about our many projects, please select a portfolio below.

Manufacturing of Industrial Gore Sections for the Mining Industry
A mining industry customer approached Refax, Inc. to manufacture...
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Fume Hood Fabrication for the Steel Producing Industry
Refax, Inc. was contracted by a steel producer in Northwest Indiana...
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Fabrication of Furnace Cone for Steel Producing
When completed, this cone is 180,000 lbs made from 2-1/8” thick...
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Downcomer Duct Work with Expansion Joints
Steel duct assemblies have a wide range of uses. Refax, Inc....
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Strip and Advise Repair of Descale Hood for the Steel industry
Refax, Inc. is often asked to complete a “strip and advise” for...
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Wear Plate Fabrication of Fan Blade Liners for the Steel and Mining Industry
Fan blade liners are used within a high-speed air movement process...
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Industrial Refurbishment of Receiving Hopper for the Steel Industry
This receiving hopper suffered from wear and tear due to age...
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