Fume Hood Fabrication for the Steel Producing Industry

Refax, Inc. was contracted by a steel producer in Northwest Indiana to fabricate a fume hood. The primary function of a fume hood is to capture gases that are produced when alloys are injected in molten steel for specific types of product. Refax worked from customer supplied drawings. The fabrication was built completely out of A516 Grade 70 steel. The entire project was completed with our company’s abilities involving burning, bending/forming, fitting, arc welding per AWS standards, and our quality control process. The hood had to be fabricated in two separate pieces, an upper section and a lower section.

The dual part fabrication was due to transportation and installation limitations. This required us to match mark parts to eliminate fit up issues during onsite installation.

Project Specifications

Product Description

The primary function of a Fume Hood is to capture gases associated with alloy insertion in the steel making process.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

  • Burning
  • Bending
  • Fitting
  • ARC Welding

Overall Part Dimensions


Tightest Tolerances

+/- 1/8″

Material Used

A36 Steel

In Process Testing Performed

100% Inspection

Estimated Part Weight

2 tons

Industry For Use


Delivery Location

Gary, Indiana

Standards Met

Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing