Wear Plate Fabrication of Fan Blade Liners for the Steel and Mining Industry

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Wear Plate Fabrication of Fan Blade Liners for the Steel and Mining Industry

Fan blade liners are used within a high-speed air movement process in a particulate rich environment. When liners are made with SA1750CR chrome carbide plate, the life cycle of the liner is greatly increased.

Refax produced 10 fan blade liners for a customer in Hibbing, MN, to provide them with the longevity benefits provided by the SA1750SA plate for their mining operation. The chrome carbide fan blade liners can be designed for use in open-pit mining, ore handling, and coal burning power generation applications. The fabricated liners made from SA1750CR plate measured 12 1/8" long by 17 ¾" wide by 3/4" thick, with each part weighing approx. 280 lbs. All liners are fabricated with a very specific layout of counter sunk holes with a 1/16" recess. The recess function is so that the bolt used to hold the liner in does not cause any undue friction as the fan spins. Throughout the fabricating process we maintained tight tolerances down to +/- 1/16" in order to maintain the customer provided whole layout.

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Fabricated Fan Blade Liner Specifications

Product Description These Fan Blade Liners are used within a high-speed process of moving air in a particle rich environment. With a chrome carbide liner a typical blade life expectancy is greatly enhanced.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Cut to Size
  • Bend to 39 3/4" O.R.
ARC Welding
Overall Part Dimensions Material:
Length: 12 1/8"
Width: 17 3/4"
HOLE I.D.: 13/16" to be for a ¾" flat head bolt w/1/16" recess
Tightest Tolerances +/- 1/16"
Material Used SA 1750 CR
In process testing performed 100% Inspection
Estimated Part Weight 280lbs
Industry for Use Open-pit mining, ore handling, coal burning power generation
Volume 10
Delivery Location Hibbing, Minnesota
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name SA 1750 CR

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